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Textbook Charging

Agency and Financial Aid Charges

To ensure a successful start to a semester, you should have all required textbooks on or before the first day of class.   Since Financial Aid is not disbursed before classes start, you should plan to purchase your books from your own funds.    In the event you are unable to purchase your books from your own funds and your Pell and State Grant exceeds your tuition and fee charges, books may be charged against your Pell and State Grant, according to the guidelines below.

  • A South Central College Student ID card is required for all charges.
  • Agency and Grant Charges are allowed during an eight (8) day period each term (usually 3 business days before the term begins and the first five (5) days of the term).
  • Students with a current FAFSA on file with South Central College can order their textbooks online using their financial aid/grants. At this time, all agency charging needs to be done in the bookstore. Please bring your current class schedule and we will pull your books for you at that time.
  • Agency Authorization Voucher must be on file in the bookstore, before you are allowed to charge.    Agencies include the Rehabilitation Services (RS), Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC), Post-Secondary Education Opportunities (PSEO), Minnesota Workforce Center, Minnesota Department of Economic Security Trade Act Training (TAA), and Veterans Benefits (VETS).    Some restrictions apply as to what items can be charged.